December 13, 2015

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Discover Vietnam withViet Bamboo Travel Agency

Due to the culture of the region and the many different places to discover, travelling to Vietnam and its surrounding countries has always been an exciting adventure. Somehow, despite the development trend around the globe, Vietnam along with its surrounding countries has managed to keep their customs intact and the charm of their local traditions, something most tourists really appreciate in their visit. They have preserved their most amazing structures that have become favorite tourist destinations. The temples, the rivers, the gardens, the markets, definitely the food and the people – you name it! When you come to this region, it is impossible not to feel awestruck by its rare beauty and history that you sense is still alive up to today; and, I have to say, the best Vietnam travel agency to tie up with would be Viet Bamboo Travel.


Viet Bamboo Travel has been around providing tours since 2009. They are experienced in creating tour packages and itineraries for travelers heading to any part of the world; however, their specialty, and the area that they are most known for, would be creating tours for thirsty travelers wanting to explore the different regions of Vietnam, Cambodia and the surrounding countries and provinces. They have a good number of possible packages available that you can choose from, including several North Vietnam tours, and you are also able to customize certain tour packages to fit your schedule and needs. They work hard to provide their customers with authentic experiences that will create for them memories that are meant to last for a lifetime.


Not only do they provide tour itineraries and packages, in reality they are a one-stop shop for all your travel needs. They present you with the option to book your hotels and car services with them as well and they offer pretty competitive rates that are hard to resist. And the best part is, their staff is so easy to deal with. They are courteous and friendly and are happy to serve you.

How do you prefer to see Vietnam? You get to choose. There are long-term tour packages that can go up to 30 days where you truly get to see all the breath-taking sites of the country and immerse yourself in its culture. These are ideal for long-time visitors and even for those trying to learn about Vietnam and its people. There are also short- term tour packages that you take either on land or at sea. There are cruises, beach trips, Mekong river tours and so many other exciting packages to choose from. Truly, this is the best Vietnam travel agency to give you exactly what you need.


Their teams of expert tour guides are very well-informed and professional. For starters, they have very good English communication skills which allow them to explain the history of the different destinations you are going to in your tour. They also have vast knowledge on the different regions and the stories they tell are so exciting to begin with. Hearing what they have to say while witnessing the breath-taking scenery and destinations you visit is a gift in itself that you will never forget.
Vietnam Bamboo Travel is truly an awesome travel agency to partner with. You can’t go wrong by booking with them because their service provides nothing less than 100% satisfaction. You’ll come home with so much wonderful memories to live with.

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November 25, 2015

Comments Off on Finding out the Facts About Saving Money on Electricity

Finding out the Facts About Saving Money on Electricity

My mom was approached by a person in the mall telling her that she could lower her electric bill. I thought it was just another scam until she asked me to go and find information about it for her. I knew that we were deregulated here in Texas, and that meant we could choose the company that provides us electricity. However, that was all that I knew. I figured that since we always had our local electric company that they were giving us the lowest price out there. Well, I was wrong.

I figured we had to stick with them if we wanted things serviced if the power went out too. However, every local company services their own wires, poles, meters and other things. Oh, and have you ever noticed that if there is a big storm that power company workers from all over the company show up to get power back on? Well, that is how the modern electrical grid works now. It is not about owning the telephone poles or the power lines. It is about generating electricity and having customers. All the power gets dumped into the grid, and it can be sent many states away. […]

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October 23, 2015

Comments Off on Arrive in style! Arrive in a limo!

Arrive in style! Arrive in a limo!

We all have that desire to make a good impact on everyone we come across. Don’t we? And when it comes to, parties and social gatherings, we give our best shot to dressing up in a pleasing way. That is what usually each one of us does.

But things aren’t always usual. Many a times, there are occasions, trips or parties which are much special and exclusive. And also there are times when you have to visit a place for a special meeting or business visit. Won’t you love to be the host who would steal tons of praises? Won’t you love to be the head turner when you go to a party or a different city?

If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, I would advise you to seek assistance of limousine and town car services.

You might be wondering why you would spend extra bucks on some fancy car instead of using your own car. The reason is quite clear – you have to leave an impact!

Limousine and town car services not only provide you with the right flashy car that you’re looking for, for the occasion of your wedding or a larger event, but also, such services help you host an event hassle-free. Even when you’re travelling, seeking the help of such service agencies would make your trip much convenient and luxurious by way of luxurious town cars. If you are a business person, you might know the pain of travelling to too many newer places. Taking up the limousine and town car services would help you curb such pain and make your business trip handy. You can opt for these services for being driven around comfortably without a stress of finding a taxi or a cab and thus, saving your time as well.

For the lovers of glitzy things, gaudy limousines are offered that steer you around the towns, in parties or events, giving you the feeling of sumptuousness.

Also, limousine and town car services offer you their finest services right at the airport where your flight lands. Right from there, you can get to your destinations in a limousine, comfortably. You can also use this service to pick your guests up from airports whenever you’re hosting any event and can assure their convenient and timely arrival.

The cars provided by such services can be availed for as long as you’re comfortable. They will stick to you throughout your trip and will ensure your safe transfer to and from the airport, till the end of your trip.

You might end up thinking why would you add to your expenses by hiring such services, but before you make a decision, just consider the assortment of services that such agencies offer you.

These can assure fulfilling your plush requirements, making your trips hassle-free and even ensuring the comfort of your guests.

You can simply call such agencies for booking your limousine or town car, or can book them online. As convenient as it seems and as flashy as it is, the services won’t ever leave you with regrets. If you’re planning on a visit to Seattle, for a trip, business meeting, party or an exclusive event, just avail the services of Seattle limousine and town car services. You can also type limo Seattle in Google for more information.

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October 14, 2015

Comments Off on Top Five Team Building Activities When Sailing

Top Five Team Building Activities When Sailing

Successful team building activities can bring opportunities for the members to alter old habits and then create and sustain new strategies to build better communication and collaboration. This may lead to changing the team’s dynamics for the enhancement of each member as well as the entire organization. Hence, with the right suggestions, preparation, and process, […]

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October 14, 2015

Comments Off on What Are the Benefits of Using a cincinnati taxi?

What Are the Benefits of Using a cincinnati taxi?

Getting from one point to another in the GTA can be difficult if you don’t own a vehicle, or if you are visiting on business. However, there is a practical solution that provides a wealth of benefits. When you choose a taxi cab service for your traveling needs, you are getting so much more than […]

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September 29, 2015

Comments Off on Passport Premiere detects business class “FLASH CRASH”

Passport Premiere detects business class “FLASH CRASH”

Passport Premiere, the international business class advisory & fare monitoring service, detected a business class “flash crash” with One World carriers. During this event, business class fares plummeted to multi-year lows in a matter of minutes. On September 8th, 2015 business class fares between several U.S. cites & Europe fell to just $717 round trip […]

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